Description: dnet:datasourceCompatibilityLevel

Code: dnet:datasourceCompatibilityLevel

Not yet registeredUNKNOWN
OpenAIRE 2.0 (EC funding)openaire2.0
OpenAIRE 2.0+ (DRIVER OA, EC funding)driver-openaire2.0
OpenAIRE 3.0 (OA, funding)openaire3.0
OpenAIRE 4.0 (inst.&thematic. repo.)openaire4.0
OpenAIRE Basic (DRIVER OA)driver
OpenAIRE CRIS v1.1openaire-cris_1.1
OpenAIRE Data (funded, referenced datasets)openaire2.0_data
OpenAIRE PubRepos v4.0openaire-pub_4.0
collected from a compatible aggregatorhostedBy
under validationnotCompatible

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