Openaire XML Schema has been changed! Please click here to learn more!

The OpenAIRE API allows developers to access the metadata information space of OpenAIRE programmatically.

If you have any question, please open a ticket to the OpenAIRE Helpdesk.

The default format of delivered records is oaf (OpenAire Format - current version 1.0):

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The latest versions of the XML schema and documentation are also available at the following links:

Older versions:

API rate limits:

  • no more than 30 concurrent connections from single IP to any of domains
  • no more than 67 concurrent requests in total
  • no more then 37 concurrent request in total (max 30 per single IP) to the search API
  • no more than 15 requests/second tothe search API (in total, not per IP. If this limit is reached, requests will be delayed).

APi documentation changes

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